Research Ethics

Jeremy has applied for ethical clearance for the project with the University Ethics Committee.  Here is the application.ResearchEthicsApplicationFormDocE4H

In addition the Flip video cameras arrived last week and were immediately put to use to capture the experience of PgC student reps.  This piece of video should be treated with caution for this project as these were not a group of typical new entrants to the University BUT I think the footage is useful because it shows both tutors and students what they can aspire to in terms of liaison between students and staff.

This group of students presented at the CDLT internal learning and teaching conference ‘Empowering students’.  Phil Smith, Jeremy Benson and myself also presented at the conference simultaneously in Carlisle and Lancaster.  Here is our presentation.  Capturing the student voice-06-24-10-00-09 We used the session to raise awareness of previous JISC work in this area, and also to try and recruit interested tutors to join us in the project and encourage their students to get involved.  Findings in the literature review did point to the fact that recruiting students to a project is not easy – we have discovered that posting an advert on the front page of Blackboard has very little impact.  Working with enthusiastic tutors may be a good way to encourage students to be involved.  To this end we have also been in touch with some tutors who we know are already working with groups of second year students to facilitate an informal mentoring system with the new entrants.  We feel that if we chose tutors who lead by example, then we may find that tutors coming to us when we can demonstrate success.

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